Les Belles Créations is a French family business that specializes in the design and manufacture of designer furniture. Working mainly in a new field in the world of furniture, Les Belles Créations is the pioneering company of fireplace tables. Indeed, by connecting these two pieces of furniture, we obtain a whole new range of ergonomic, luxurious, ecological and innovative products to furnish the homes and offices of tomorrow.


We only use french materials and our products  are 100% made in  France. Each project we create is the result of over 150 hours of work.

When we want to have a product that lasts over time, the choice of materials must be the first priority. It is for this reason that we collaborate with the company I-Stone, the specialist in V-Korr (Solid-Surface).

For us, the environment is one of our first concerns. Integrating ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials is essential.

V-Korr is a solid, non-porous material. It is composed of :

  • 63% natural minerals
  • 35% arcylic resin
  • 2% pigments

We work with V-Korr because this material meets the highest quality standards in every aspects : 



Concerned about our ecological footprint ,we chose Bioethanol as a means of combustion. Bioethanol is produced from distilled beetroot juice which gives an entirely natural green energy. Bioethanol produces no smoke, no odor and no waste following its use.

We can therefore heat a space in the most suitable way for the future of our planet.

The bioethanol fireplace is a method of heating halfway between a stove and an ordinary fireplace.

“A picture is worth a thousand words​” – Confucius.

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