Architectural size of cypress

Cypressus sempervirens

His majesty !

Naively, I have long believed that it was a tree.

Serious mistake, it is not just a tree, it is the soul of the Garden.

How can you have such beautiful Mediterranean gardens, not to mention the villas that are in the middle of these gardens, but such sad cypresses !

Yes, yes, we know, ” time has not stopped passing “.

Result; a hell of desolation : witches’ brooms, disillusioned silhouette, bruised skeleton, ruffled or tottering head.

When you put so many millions in a house, hundreds  thousands of euros in the gardens, why not invest a few hundreds euros in the maintenance of these unfortunates !

We offer the solution to allow your gardens to breathe again as they deserve.

To put it in order, the remedy is simple: we recommend one pruning size per year, preferably from July to August, not after.

We work with our towable nacelle, much lighter than a nacelle truck, sparing your land and garden. 

The cypress is grateful to us for not having any point of support on it.

We are therefore gaining in size precision, aesthetics and time.

Obviously the pruning equipment is disinfected between each subject and the green waste evacuated from the property. No chemical treatment is applied for environmental measures.

For the most “worrying” subjects, we will have to work hard: elimination of dead wood, refocusing around the trunk, crimping of the whole.

The size of cypress in pictures…