Sabrina is the youngest member of Les Belles Créations family. With it without stand design, it’s unique in all its aspects. Of a more discreet but even more tenacious nature than its elders, Sabrina will allow you to concentrate well, by staying warm with its model specially designed for small committees. Whether for your work team or for your family meals, Sabrina will keep an essential intimacy to allow you to enjoy each moment spent with your loved ones. Ergonomically designed to increase the efficiency of its users, Sabrina is the fireplace table that will furnish your future.

Like its older sister Akatarina, Sabrina can also have dimensions and a customizable fire. You will therefore have a custom-made piece of furniture that will meet all your requirements as well as those of the room where Sabrina will be located.

Note however that the basic model accommodates 6 peoples. For its calorific power, the basic model has a power of 5000 watts.

As with all our creations, you have a multitude of options available  to fulfill each of your desires for your new furniture.

Color : Choose from an assortment of over 40 colors in the V-Korr catalog.

Dimension : Determine yourself the dimensions if you do not take the basic model.

Fiber optics and backlighting : Draw a logo or write a sentence that is important to you and then decide if you want to illuminate your creation with fiber optics or backlighting.

Fireplace : Please note that the number of fireplaces and the shape of them can be customized as desired. The classic model has a central round fireplace with ceramic logs, but nothing prevents you from creating something new.


Sabrina has the following dimensions : 2500mm x 760mm

Accessories and supplements : As for the other models, SABRINA has the possibility of adding several accessories to improve your experience. 

Electrical outlet, USB socket, retractable built-in television, built-in sound system, built-in computer keyboard, odor diffuser, stove top, base made in masonry style, additional ceramic logs.

Sabrina (teaser)