Sabrina is the youngest member of Les Belles Créations family. With it without stand design, it’s unique in all its aspects. Of a more discreet but even more tenacious nature than its elders, Sabrina will allow you to concentrate well, by staying warm with its model specially designed for small committees. Whether for your work team or for your family meals, Sabrina will keep an essential intimacy to allow you to enjoy each moment spent with your loved ones. Ergonomically designed to increase the efficiency of its users, Sabrina is the fireplace table that will furnish your future.

Note however that the basic model accommodates 6 peoples.

A bioethanol fireplace table: an aesthetic added value and an environmental advantage!

Bioethanol makes it possible to obtain a real outbreak without complex installation. The bioethanol fireplace can be embellished with pebbles or ceramic logs according to individual tastes.

Bioethanol is part of the agrofuels family. It is a biological fuel made from beet, sugar cane, wheat or even corn. It is then fermented and distilled until it is pure, organic alcohol.

It is very cost effective, easy to use and safe. Its combustion is clean, because it does not emit any black smoke, no odor and leaves no residue.

Ecological, its CO² release is equivalent to the air we breathe.

In terms of heat, the heat output of the fireplace table is 2000 watts, which provides excellent additional heating. The table can heat a room from 1 to 3 degrees in just 1 hour.