Stone masonry


Alexandre de Laborde said : ” The art of the garden seems to me to be the science of creating, in any place, the most pleasant aspect that the site is likely to represent “.

The true architecture of the garden is when the stone works reinforce the character of the property.

For us, a Garden architecture represents the harmony of colors, the harmony of curves and the harmony of scents.


We specialize in manufacturing : 

Walls, low walls, arches, pool houses, house cladding, entrance pillars, pool space arrangements.

We have already carried out several projects in Switzerland, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Paca region and Corsica.

We work with all types of stones regardless of size.

Our walls are made of composite of reinforced concrete, mortar and stones.

Equipped with a bender, we carry out the reinforcement established by the design office ourselves.

Landscape masonry in pictures …