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The Warmpath model is designed to decorate your office, kitchen, reception room or meeting room with luxury as admirable as it is practical. With a design as precise as it is meticulous, Warmpath catches the eye as much as it warms the heart.


Warmpath is the first born of Les Belles Créations and is based on a French design. It took us more than 4 years of studies and tests to offer you this atypical fireplace table.

Its integrated fireplace model is fully thought out to be as elegant as it is safe. The Warmpath can accommodate between 4 and 6 guests. In addition, the Warmpath can be created in a range of 25 colors to allow you to create the best possible layout for your room.

In terms of heat, the output of the Warmpath is 2000 watts, which allows excellent auxiliary heating because it can heat a room between 1 and 3 degrees in just 1 hour.

For personalization, the distinguished design of the built-in fireplace must remain the same for safety reasons. However, we offer a multitude of options to make your creation one of a kind.


Dimensions : 2849mm x 750mm x 1081.1mm

Possible options :

Fiber optics and backlight: Draw a logo or write a sentence that is important to you and then decide if you want to illuminate your creation with fiber optics or backlight.

Accessories and supplements :

Electrical outlet, USB socket, retractable built-in television, built-in sound system, built-in computer keyboard, odor diffuser, stove top, additional ceramic logs.

Photo credit : Gérald de Viviés

Warmpath tells the story of two familiar objects, a fireplace and a table, which meet on a winter day. Their dialogue gives life to an unexpected form. The fireplace radiates, the table brings people together. With Warmpath I wanted to create an experience that unites the soul of these two objects. The flame lights up the world around it, and its heat travels the body of the table, giving a pleasant feeling to the touch. More than an object, Warmpath transcends the ordinary, and invites us to see the world differently.

Michaël Harboun

Designer Warmpath

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