Warm hearted and friendly, Akatarina will warm up your special moments with your loved ones. The Akatarina table model is based on the classic look of a dining table.

Unlike its elder Warmpath, the dimensions of Akatarina can be fully customizable.

You have the opportunity to have a fireplace table that will be designed entirely according to your wishes and your available space. Note however that the basic model has the following dimensions:

Tray: 2126 x 1078 x 100 mm

Base: 1076 x 950 x 730 mm

© Gérald De Vivies

Regarding the number of places and the heat produced by Akatarina, it is important to understand that these figures will change depending on the options that you will choose later. However for the basic model, Akatarina has a calorific power of 5000 watts and allows to easily heat a room of 30m2. The basic model can seat  4 peoples.

© Gérald De Vivies

As with all our creations, you have a multitude of options available to fulfill each of your desires regarding your new furniture.

Color :

Choose from an assortment of over 40 colors in the V-Korr catalog.

The Akatarina table can be made of carbon, steel or even solid-surface.

Dimension :

Customizable if you don’t take the basic model.

Fiber optics and backlight:

Draw a logo or  write a sentence that is important to you and then decide if you want to illuminate your creation with fiber optics or with  backlight.

Fireplace :

Please note that the number of fireplaces as well as the shape can be personalized according to your wishes. The classic model has a central round fireplace with ceramic logs, but nothing prevents you from creating something new.

© Gérald De Vivies

Accessories and supplements :

As with the other models, AKATARINA can add several accessories to improve your experience.

Electrical outlet, USB socket, retractable built-in television, built-in sound system, built-in computer keyboard, odor diffuser, stove top, base made in masonry style, additional ceramic logs.

© Gérald De Vivies